ASILE Conference Melbourne 2001
Sixth National Conference of
The Australian Society Of Indonesian Language Educators

10 - 12 July 2001, Melbourne, Australia
University of Melbourne

. Proceedings will be online as forthcoming.

Tuesday 10 July 17.00-17.30
REGISTRATION - Foyer, Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre 

CONFERENCE OPENING - Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre
Welcoming comments from:

Victorian School of Languages
Melbourne Institute of Asian Languages and Societies
with Sundanese Dance and Pencak Silat

19.00-21.00 DINNER 

Wednesday 11 July
 Venue Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre Seminar Room (Physics) Learning Centre (Physics)
8.30 -9.30 REGISTRATION (Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre)

Remy Silado

- -
10.30-11.00 MORNING TEA
11.00-11.45 Literature

Rohayah Machali and Ida Nurhayati: Teaching Ayu Utami's 'Saman'

Teaching materials

Greg Ashman: Snapshots of Asia, Bloom's Taxonomy and Gardner's Intelligences: The Links

IT in schools I

Danielle Bresnehan: Bahasa Indonesia & Comic Chat: Synchronous Comic Strips for Students

11.45-12.30 Literature

Nyoman Riasa: Karakteristik Bahasa ABG dalam Cerpen dan Implikasi Pengajarannya bagi Siswa/I Sekolah Menengah di Australia

Teaching materials

Suzanne Weatherburn: The Great Indonesian Teacher's Survey

IT in schools I

Cheri Butler: Implementation of Tasks through the Classroom

12.30-13.00 LUNCH
13.30-14.15 Teaching materials

Kim Cartwright: Real Indonesian teenagers in real locations': the experience of Bagus sekali! 2, CIS*Heinemann's new Indonesian course for secondary students

Indonesian Sociolinguistics I

Tim Hassall: Thanking: A Look at Learners and Natives

IT in schools I

Debra Hoven: Extending the Boundaries of the Classroom: using electronic communications to learn Indonesian

14.15-15.00 Teaching materials

Kathy Kiting: Introducing Indonesian Kaleidoscope with language learning AND Introducing Go Indonesia, an interactive student web site

Indonesian Sociolinguistics II

David Reeves: Varieties of Informal Indonesian

IT in schools I

Shannon Johnston: E-mail for Indonesian learners: Using electronic communication effectively in language class

15.30-16.00 AFTERNOON TEA
16.00-16.45 In-country study

Pam Allen: Intensive summer programs held at Universitas Negeri Padang by Deakin University and University of Tasmania


Felicia Utorodewo: TBA

IT in Schools I

Michelle Tamala: Tailoring the world wide web for the needs of students of Indonesian

18.00-21.00 DINNER and PERFORMANCE: Open Stage, Art Centre, corner Grattan and Swanston Streets.

Out of the Archipelago Featuring Wayang Mbeling performed by Marshall Clark with music and dance from Java and Bali

Thursday 12 July
 Venue Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre Seminar Room (Physics) Learning Centre (Physics)
9.00-9.45 IT in Universities

Zifirdaus Adnan: Developing Online Course: Intermediate Indonesian

Teaching in Schools

Kristien Sarwo-Rini: Communicative Fluency Activities 

Performing Arts

Marshall Clark: Performing Wayang Mbeling: Why Bother?

9.45-10.30 IT in Universities

Ananta Arifin: Presentation of QUT LLOL (Language Learning On-Line)

Teaching in Schools

Kathryn Hill: Between the Cracks: the Transition from Primary to Secondary School Foreign Language Learning

Performing Arts

Barbara Hatley: Bushrangers and Javanese Dancers in Launceston: Bringing Indonesian performance to the classroom

10.30-11.00 MORNING TEA
11.00-11.40 IT in Universities

Phillip Mahnken: Twinned Websites Project

Performing Arts

Leonie Guinness: Music and Movement: Inspiration in the Classroom

Grammar teaching

Totok Suhardiyanto: Efektivitas Pengajaran Tata Bahasa pada Program BIPA

11.45-12.30 IT in Universities

Paul Thomas and Susi Rekdale: Computers and the Human element in Distance Education Language Study

Performing Arts

Trevor Mack: Penca-silat: Activity-based Language Learning and Reinforcement

Grammar teaching

Geoff Woollams: Issues in teaching about nouns in Indonesian 

12.30-14.00 LUNCH
14.00-14.45 IT in schools II

Leonie Wittman and Lyndall Franks: Presentation of Albu m Indonesia


Lidia Ostepeev
Nyoman Riasa
Steve Tolbert 
Kay Wilson

Performing Arts

Glenn Davidson: Working With and Teaching Culture

14.45-15.30 Indonesian Sociolinguistics II

David Reeves: Names and Acronyms: Teaching Culture Through Language


Others discussants welcome

15.30-16.00 AFTERNOON TEA
16.00-16.45  CLOSING SESSION - -

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