Dewi Andriani was born and grew up in West Sumatra. She graduated from The Institute of Teacher Training and Pedagogical Science (IKIP) Padang, majoring in English.  In 1997 she worked for Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF)  Jakarta as an English/Indonesian teacher and was posted to a gold mining company PT. Indo Muro Kencana (PT. IMK) in Central Kalimantan and then moved to IALF Bali in 1999.

In September 1999, she left IALF and worked for PT. Bahari Cakrawala Sebuku (BCS), a coal mining company in South Kalimantan. Her roles were to teach English to National staff, to teach Indonesian to expatriate staff, to translate documents and to assist in community development of health and education programs. She left the company due to maternity in the March 2001.

Dewi moved to Perth in 2002 where her husband was studying his Masters degree in Curtin University. She had an exciting opportunity to teach at Currambine Catholic Primary School for a year. She left Perth in July 2003 after her husband completed his studies.

Dewi moved to Surabaya in August 2003 teaching Indonesian as a first language at Ciputra High school where she worked with the team of teachers to implement The Middle Years Program of International Baccalaureate. This involved planning and writing curriculum using international teaching methods to facilitate student learning. She also took on the responsibility of leading teachers and students in Green House.

Due to her husband’s work in coal mining industry, she moved to Sangatta, East Kalimantan in January 2005 where she was offered a job as an Indonesian teacher at Tanjung Bara International School (TBIS) for the K-7 students. She also took on duties as support teacher for children with special needs (especially ESL), and relieving in both senior and early childhood classes.

Since December 2005, she gave up her job as an Indonesian teacher at TBIS because she and her family moved to Collinsville, Queensland where her husband has a job as a coal quality engineer for Thiess.

The presentation about Applying Minangkabau Culture in Teaching Indonesian at Tanjung Bara International School (TBIS) are based on her experience when she taught Bahasa Indonesia there. There are three activities that are presented; The story  “How the name of Minangkabau was formed”, Making a model of a Minangkabau Traditional House and Tari Indang including suggested procedures.


The equipment I need for my presentation are Power Points, a laptop (please let me know if I can use one. If not, I will bring my own laptop), projection facilities and  a cassette tape recorder player for the dance. I also need a space for dancing that can accommodate all participants who attend my presentation.

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