Applying Minangkabau Culture in Teaching Indonesian at Tanjung Bara International School (TBIS)


Minangkabau as one of the distinct cultures of Indonesia, can be used to enhance students’ interest in learning Indonesian. These ideas are based on my experience in teaching Indonesian at Tanjung Bara International School (TBIS) in East kalimantan. They provide some activities how to make Indonesian fun to learn after the students are too much loaded with exercise workbooks and sheets. 


There are three activities that are presented; The story  “How the name of Minangkabau was formed”, Making a model of a Minangkabau Traditional House and Tari Indang including suggested procedures. They are easy to be applied in Indonesian class and especially for Tari indang, it can be used as an idea for assembly.


Primary school teachers who teach Indonesian language or anybody who is interested in Minangkabau culture are welcome to attend.



Name : Dewi Andriani



1989-1994 English Department of IKIP (Institute of Teacher Training and Pedagogy) Padang



Indonesian Teaching Experience

Jan 2005-Nov2005 Indonesian teacher and Support Teacher at Tanjung Bara International School (TBIS), Sangatta East Kalimantan Indonesia


Aug 2003-Dec 2004 Indonesian Teacher at Ciputra High School, Surabaya, East Java Indonesia


Sept 2002-Jul 2003 Indonesian teacher at Currambine Catholic Primary School, Perth, Western Australia


1999- 2001 English/Indonesian teacher  and translator at PT Bahari Cakrawala Sebuku (A coal Mine Company) South Kalimantan


1997-1999 English and Indonesian teacher, IALF (posted at Indomuro Kencana Gold Mine site, Central Kalimantan)