From Jamu to Janji Joni : Tackling texts - convention, genre and intercultural language learning.
Laura Lochore, WestOne Services.

By far the most motivating and engaging language programs I have taught have been based on a real-life Indonesian text or genre. From jamu packets to sinetron, Indonesian Idol to Takraw, students using Indonesian flexibly and enthusiastically make it hard to deny the effectiveness of this approach. However, it can be extremely hard work for both background and non-background speakers to even know where to start.

This workshop presents a range of hands-on activities for participants to deconstruct texts and think through their linguistic and intercultural implications. It provides the opportunity for language development for non-background speakers, and a new way of thinking about texts for background speakers of Indonesian. ╩Examples of programs and activities will be provided.

Laura Lochore is Curriculum Writer, Indonesian, at WestOne Services, developing on-line materials for Year 11 Indonesian. She has taught Indonesian for 10 years at various levels in Western Australia.

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