Mr. Laurie Bellett – 30 years teaching experience in Primary and Secondary schools, State and Catholic, NSW and Victoria.
Dip.Tch.,   Dip.Ed.,  Grad.Dip.Sch.Lib.,  B.Ed.,  
Grad. Cert. TESOL.,  M.Ed. TESOL.,  M.Ed. TLOTE.
At present working as Librarian/senior Indonesian teacher at a Catholic secondary college in Northern NSW.


TITLE:        ‘LOTE retention rates in Secondary Schools: A Case Study


Factors affecting the LOTE retention rate at a Secondary school in Northern NSW were investigated through the use of a questionnaire. 100 LOTE students (Indonesian and French) in Year 9 participated.

The questionnaire consisted of a series of open-ended and ranking type questions based on the students prior LOTE experience, the reasons for their LOTE choice in Secondary School and the reasons that they chose to continue or non continue with the subject.

The project has particular relevance to Indonesian language programs as it seeks to ascertain why Indonesian and French language students chose their particular languages and why they continue or drop the subject.

The results indicated that many students had a low opinion of LOTE before they had even begun the compulsory LOTE year. In general, they could see no strong reasons to learn another language and they indicated that their perceptions and experience of the subject would improve with less emphasis on academic linguistic skills and more emphasis on “real life” language usage and cultural understanding.

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