Proceedings of ASILE 2007     at University of the Sunshine Coast     5- 8 July 2007

Presenter Affiliation Topic
H.E. Teuku Mohammad Hamzah Thayeb
Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia Topic: Australia Indonesia relations and the importance of teaching and learning Indonesian language and culture in Australia Bio

Professor Greg Hill
Deputy Vice Chancellor, USC

Topic: Official welcome. Prof. Hill has more than 10 years experience researching in Nusa Tenggara,

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Mark Bowling
Manager ABC Darwin, journalist, author

Talks about his book "Running Amok" and his four years covering upheaval in Indonesia.
See notes of Mark Bowling on ABCCoast FM interviewed by John Stokes3 May 2007

Selected Mark Bowling photos

Dr Agus Sartono

Education & Culture Attache, KBRI, A.C.T.

Understanding Indonesia: Does It Really Matter?"

Curriculum Vitae and abstract     *  Complete paper (PDF) *

Keynote speaker Hilmar Farid

Indonesian Social Research Institute Topic: The History Wars in the Indonesian school curricula
Hilmar Farid and Steve Miller
"Pramoedya and Indonesian History"
(Hilmar Farid and Stephen Miller)


Pramoedya Ananta Toer died on April 30, 2006. He'll be remembered by generations of Australian students of Indonesian for his short stories and novels, as well as biographical and autobiographical works that have often found their place in high school and university reading lists. In the early 1960s, however, Pramoedya was at the global cutting edge of historical studies. Pramoedya was a pioneer in bringing political and social analysis to bear on linguistic and literary history. In this talk the speakers will describe and assess Pramoedya's contribution in this latter field, and examine his work to see how it can inform our understanding of Indonesia and Indonesian today.

Philip Rachmat

RADF School of Languages Mutual Respect - Sharing the Future [transcript in MS Word]        Bio and abstract[MS Word]
Soetopo Siswo Setijono Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF), Jakarta Fun with Indonesian Abstract and biodata (MS Word)
Geoff Woollams
QUT Dimensions of meaning - social and attitudinal meaning in Indonesian words and particles. Shoudl we teach words or "intentional concepts"?

Paul Thomas

Monash University 50 years of Indonesian Language Teaching in Australia: An expression of ideas, community and cultural exchange Abstract
Inez Mahony
USC/USyd The portrayal of Australia and Indonesia in each other’s media: towards an understanding of media culture. Abstract and bio

Phil Mahnken

& Rama Brierty

USC E-learning goes live: language teaching with audio-conferencing (including demonstrations of iVocalize and Breeze/Adobe Connect Pro)
Rama Brierty & Srikandi group Sunshine Coast community Indonesians helping Australians understand Indonesia (through community organisations and events, community language teaching, clubs, interfaith, eg silat, etc) Bio and abstract
Mr Laurie Bellett
Catholic secondary college in Northern NSW.

LOTE retention rates in Secondary Schools: A Case Study

Bio and abstract

Drs. Mustakim, M.Hum. Pusat Bahasa, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional RI WISATA BAHASA: Model Alternatif Pembelajaran BIPA di luar Kelas
Abstrak dan Bio
Dr. Dendy Sugono Kepala Pusat Bahasa, Depdiknas, Jakarta To be confirmed
Reny Mulyaningsih

Multimedia Project Officer
Indonesia Australia Language Foundation
Denpasar, Bali
Using the Web to save time – websites to create instant exercises.
Bio and abstract
Margaret Norris and Kari with student gamelan group St Johns College, Nambour, Qld The performing arts enhancing the Indonesian language program
Zifirdaus Adnan

UNE Using a genre-based approach to teaching Indonesian texts Abstract and Bio
Tina Jacobus Noosa Pengari Steiner School "I'm a bit over teaching languages, actually." (The uphill struggle to switch kids on, to tolerate school admins, to struggle with community intolerance of other cultures .... cukup, ah!"
Laura Lochore

WestOne Services

Powerpoint Text, Conventions and Genre From Jamu to Janji Joni : Tackling texts - convention, genre and intercultural language learning. Bio and abstract

Indrawati Zifirdaus

Curtin University "Gimana sih ngajar bahasa gaul?" Powerpoint
Laura Lochore,
Penny Coutas,
Phil Mahnken et al

WA Curriculum,

WA Ed Dept


New and effective language learning using ICT's
"Teaching/learning Indonesian with ICT: what you can use in class tomorrow" (not only "concepts" but also resources we've found useful.... that can be USED without having to go away and do lots of training/planning). The outcome of the workshop will be to create a bookmark site (which we add to DURING the session).

Penny Coutas
WA Ed Dept m-Learning, e-Learning, my way (abstract) paper
Firdaus Flinders University "Online strategies for working with students of Indonesian Language"
This session demonstrates how independent learning using on-line learning is networked with the classroom work and discussion. Web-support for teaching and learning language is not a substitute for face-to face communication, rather it is integrated in the curriculum. Practical ideas will be demonstrated in this presentation.

Richard Curtis, Hannah Knight and Kate Reitzenstein

Hannah Knight

CDU The Darwin held 2007 Endeavour Language Teacher Fellowship (ELTF) Indonesian language and culture program for practicing and trainee teachers: A credible alternative to incountry experience?
Bio (X 3) and abstract     Presentation notes [MS Word]
Richard Curtis and Fitri Nganthi Wani, high school poet
CDU 'Selepas bapakku hilang': The evocative poetry of Fitri Nganthi Wani
Bio and abstract       Presentation notes [MS Word]       Brengsek Poem on mp3

Phil Mahnken and
Untung Waluyo


In-Country Studies - further developments

Bio and Abstract

USC students: Ali, Johnno, Greg, Rechelle, Clint and Natasha
University of the Sunshine Coast Six accounts and critiques of Lombok and ACICIS in-Country studies
Simon Williams ADF School of Languages 'C-30 C-60 C-90 GO! - Community Radio and teaching Indonesian in Secondary Schools in the 1980s.' Summary

Nurhidayat Poso writer, Tegal/Solo "Humanisme biasa" (TBC)

Rochayah Machali
Ida Nurhayati 


Title: Magical realism in Utami's "Larung" and Thohari's "Ronggeng"


Dr Priyono Pusat Bahasa, Universitas Mataram, Lombok Pengajaran bahasa Indonesia kepada penutur asing
Rashid Yunus
Tribal Wave Drumming Demo Saturday lunchtime and workshop to follow
Dian Wijayanti Program Manager, Indonesian Language Services,IALF, Bali

Affixes made easy Abstract

Paper: Affixes made easy
with links to printable examples on MS Word docs.

Katrina Graham Film-maker - screening and discussing her short film Kuntilanak, a 5 minute film in Indonesian subtitled in English, produced in Queensland, touching on issues of feminism.
Dewi Andriani Ex Indonesian teacher of TBIS Applying Minangkabau Culture in Teaching Indonesian at Tanjung Bara International School (TBIS). Abstract Bio Full paper (MS Word)
Leonie Wittman

Chief Learning Design Officer, Centre for Learning Innovation, NSW

Bio and Abstract
Endah Curtis
PhD candidate Decline of Christian Schooling in Indonesia Bio and abstract
David Hanan
Film and Television Studies, School of English, Communications and Performance Studies Curator, Between Three Worlds Video and DVD, Monash Asia Institute DISTRIBUTION OF SUBTITLED INDONESIAN FILMS FOR USE IN AN EDUCATIONAL CONTEXT Hanan Bio and Abstract
A note from Dr. Mikihiro Moriyama
Professor of Indonesian Studies in Nagoya, Japan
Mikihiro Moriyama
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