Dr Richard Curtis is lecturer in Indonesian language at Charles Darwin
university, in Darwin, Northern Territory. Richard is currently
conducting research on popular cultural practices (in literature, film,
music, visual art and theatre) and the sociolinguistics of language use
in Indonesia. He has also coordinated intensive immersion and incountry
Indonesian language and culture programs. Prior to his position at CDU,
Richard has taught at Curtin University (Perth) and the University of
Tasmania (Launceston).

Description of presentation one

Title: 'Selepas bapakku hilang': The evocative poetry of Fitri Nganthi

Fitri Nganthi Wani's poems are a confronting account of a turbulent
young life and sharp critique of her surrounding world. Growing up in an
urban slum, without a father ('disappeared' by the New Order regime in
1998), and attending prestigious Catholic schools, her poetry, written
between the ages of eleven and seventeen, wrestle with a wide range of
concerns with maturity and flair beyond her age. Wani writes from
personal experience of the urban poor; social inequality and prejudices;
brutal state oppression; nationalism, environmental vandalism; school
discipline, stifled freedoms, the constant demands for good grades and
school fees; and ambivalent relationships with missing father, stoic
mother, younger brother, neighbours, friends, lovers and God. Her poems
are forthright, honest, unpretentious, and occasionally playful. Wani
attempts in her poetry to identify, disentangle and resolve (with mixed
success) the contradictions and tensions in her relationships with the
people and events influencing her life and her changing sense of self.

This presentation will be interactive, providing participants the
opportunity to explore and discuss Wani's poetry, and meet with the
young poet and recent high school graduate on-line through live audio

*   1 hr presentation workshop
*   20 mins Richard introduction on Wani and her poetry in general,
and get groups of audience to translate and discuss selection of poems,
*   20 mins Wani read her poetry and explain background either via
audio conference or if fails use my recordings of her reading her poems
and explaining their context
*   20 mins audience interaction with Wani

*   Computer, internet connection, data beam projector, loud
speakers, mike, CD Rom or flash drive for audio conference and to play
audio and VCD.


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