Leonie Wittman is the Chief Learning Design Officer in the languages team at the Centre for Learning Innovation (CLI) within the NSW Department of Education and Training. She has held this position since January 2006. Previously she was the Indonesian Consultant and relieving Senior Curriculum Adviser, Languages Special Projects in the NSW DET Curriculum Directorate.

She has produced many print and multimedia resources and coordinated and presented numerous professional development activities for teachers. She was a co-presenter for the Asian Languages Professional Learning Project in NSW. She has worked closely with the NSW Board of Studies over many years on curriculum design and assessment committees.


Makasih, ya! and Mari kita berbicara!: New multimedia resources for Indonesian

Makasih, ya! and Mari kita berbicara! are new multimedia resources for students of Indonesian produced by the NSW DET Centre for Learning Innovation (CLI). CLI provides technology-based educational services, products and facilities to government schools and TAFE colleges throughout NSW and encourages teachers to use digital learning materials in their teaching programs.

This session will demonstrate two versatile multimedia resources for students of Indonesian which can be easily incorporated into existing programs in all states.

Makasih, ya! is based on the theme of gift-giving and combines the use of target language and intercultural understanding with ICT outcomes. The interactive resources, which can be used by individual students or whole classes, contain video, audio, text and web links and allow students to explore aspects of language and culture by:

Mari kita berbicara! provides students with opportunities to develop their speaking skills in Indonesian. By engaging in a series of interactive activities which include audio, text and flash animations, students are guided through various steps to speak about their personal world. The resource allows students to:

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