Zifirdaus Adnan

About me:
Position: Lecturer at University of New England,
Qualification: PhD in Applied Linguistics Curtin), MA in the same field
(Melbourne Uni), BA Hons (Griffith Uni), S1 (IKIP Padang)in language
teching. I have been a teacher for half of my life, in many environments
including high school, refugee camp, private lang courses (all in
Indonesia), Defence Language School and universities in Australia (Uni
Melb, RMIT, Mudoch, Curtin, and New England Unis). Do research actively to
inform my teaching, content and approach. Research interest: Second
language acquisition, contrastive analysis,genre analysis, and Islam in

About my presentation: Genre approach has been used widely in English
language teaching as a second or foreign language (TESOL)especially at
higher levels. This approach has been little used in the teaching of
Indonesian as a foreign language (TIFL) except in South Australian schools
as observed and studied by Anny Be (1998). This presentation will briefly
outline the approach, give examples of texts, and the audience will be
invited to trial the approach. Because this presentation involves trials,
it needs at least 45 minutes, 1 hour would be great.

Equuipment: I may need Power Points, OHPs, including projection facilities,
laptop connection, and room with tables and chairs, etc.

Email: zadnan@une.edu.au


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