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  L-R: Father Brian Taylor, Sensei Barry Farran, Rabbi John Cooper, Janette Hashemi and Dr. Phillip Mahnken

Janette Hashemi, Former Coordinator
has now moved to Sydney.
Friends can email Janette at ajhashemi@hotmail.com

Griffith University Multi-Faith Centre

Centre for Dialogue at La Trobe University

Sunshine Coast Interfaith Network (SCIN) - together since 2002

SCIN is a network of friends on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, people who share different faiths and work towards community peace and understanding. We hold occasional public meetings, forums and educational events, usually at the University of the Sunshine Coast. We welcome all people of goodwill with open minds. We are not interested in converting anyone to any other beliefs. Simply in mutual awareness raising.

    A profile of Forest Way Zen [or available as MS Word doc]

    Past activities

  • Workshop 16th October 2010 Zen Introduction at COOROY LIBRARY 8.30am -4.30 p-m
    Free. Donation ONLY led by Barry Farrin of Forest Way Zen.

    Workshop 23rd October 2010 Recollective awareness COOROY LIBRARY 8.30am-4.30pm
    FREE. DONATION ONLY led by Barry Farrin.
    Coffee and tea included and buy your own lunch/coffee at local cafe.

  • Forest Way Zen Christmas Sesshin 2009 Right click on this link and select "Save as ..." to download MS Word document

    Former coordinator Janette Hashemi was involved in
    1.   Guest panel for Islamic Law, T.C. Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland, 8th September, 2008.  I was on a panel of four Muslim women speaking about our own experiences and insights and how this applies to gender issues and Islamic Law.
    2.   Interfaith Forum panel, Buddha Birth Day Festival 2008, facilitated by Professor Swee-Hin Toh held in collaboration with Multi-Faith Centre, Griffith University. Held at South Bank Parklands, 3rd May, 2008.  I was on the interfaith panel facilitated by Prof. Toh Swee-Hin, Director, Multifaith Centre, Brisbane.  Programme attached.   Panel photos attached. Panellists: Ven Miao You Chung Tian Buddhist Temple Buddhist. Peter Jones Northside Interfaith Group Christian. Janette Hashemi Sunshine Coast Interfaith Network    Muslim. Wendy Jewell Baha'i Community, Brisbane Baha'i
    3.   Workshop presentation at Asia-Pacific Interfaith Symposium, Multifaith Centre, Griffith University, February 23-25, 2008, I held a workshop titled "The negative effects of religious extremism on interfaith harmony, and how to combat them".   The maximum number of participants attended this workshop.   Photo attached.

  • Zazenkai 1 Nov 2008 at Forest Way Zen, 43 Marnie Cres. Doonan 4562. Tel: 0407 114 761
    Proceeds to go to Aitken Roshi. as pictured.
  • An Introduction to Recollective Awareness A workshop with Greg Bantick & Barry Farrin This workshop will include an introduction to Recollective Awareness, meditation periods, instruction on journaling, and time for questions and answers.This workshop will be suitable for those new to meditation and experienced meditators.
  • Janette Hashemi is organising the Social Issues Forum at FESTURI 2007's Great Multicultural Celebration on Sunday 7 October 2007 . It's free, all day. Thought provoking discussion and debate on controversial issues of the world. Also, many other entertaining and enlightening multicultural attractions happening at USC campus 26 August 2007.
  • Barry Farran Zazenakai Forest Way Zen Saturday 22nd September 2007 8.15 am -4.00pm Doonan Application
  • SCIN is co-sponsor of an Asia-Pacific Interfaith Symposium on Women, Faith and a Culture of Peace
    Griffith University Multi-Faith Centre Griffith University, Nathan Campus, Brisbane, Australia February 2008 Saturday 23rd mid-afternoon to Monday 25th mid-afternoon
  • On 16 May, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2008 as the International Year of Languages (in the effort to promote unity in diversity and global understanding). In addition to the above, the European Parliament and Council have declared 2008 to be the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. What about Australia?
  • Photos of Barry Farrin and Janette Hashemi speaking at the Sea of Faith interfaith conference 30th June 2007 on Zen Buddhism and Islam respectively.
  • Islamic marriage and divorce in Sydney Morning Herald, May 5, 2007 with personal story and photo of Janette Hashemi.
  • Janette Hashemi Update & upcoming events May 2007
  • Does Australia Have a Soul? Prof. Gary D. Bouma UQ 2 May 2007
  • Forest Way Zen - One Day Meditation Retreat 24 February 2007 (Read about Barry Farrin and Forest Way)
  • Report by Janette on excellent Abrahamic Interfaith Forum in Brisbane, 7 Feb 2007 Photos
  • One-day Forum on the theme, Living under Civil Laws and Religious Laws in Australia: Conflict or Harmony? to be held at the Multi-Faith Centre, Griffith University on May 1, 2007. This one-day Forum is jointly sponsored by the Griffith University Multi-Faith Centre, the Islamic Council of Queensland, and the Interfaith Multicultural Forum, with funding by the Queensland Government under the Multicultural Assistance Program 2006-07. Email: v.cawagas@griffith.edu.au or vcawagas@hotmail.com
  • Fr. Brian Taylor's talk on Mysticism in Catholic Christianity at Interfaith Forum 23 Nov. 2006 [MS Word]
  • Interfaith Forum 30 March 2006 on "Australian Values"
  • Barry Farran, Forest Way Zen
  • Father Brian Taylor Catholic reflections on Australian Values (MS Word)
  • Rabbi John Cooper
  • Dr Phillip Mahnken
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