National Online
Undergraduate Seminar
- Indonesian Studies -
(NOUS - IS) 8 October 2004

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[times given are EST - please refer to SA and WA time zones and Summer Savings Times]

11.00 am. Professor Colin Brown Dean, Faculty of Media, Society and Culture, Curtin University of Technology

Topic: Why should Australians be positive about Indonesia?

12.00 am. Dr Megan Jennaway Postdoctoral Fellow at CIRAC, Queensland University of Technology

Topic: The roles, the problems, the future of Indonesian women [Transcript]

1.00 am. Dr Greg Fealy Research Fellow and Lecturer in Indonesian Politics at Australian National University, specialising in Islamic politics and history in Indonesia, Islamist and neo-revivalist expressions of faith, contemporary political developments in Indonesia.

Topic: Issues in Contemporary Indonesian Islam

2.00 pm. Professor Arief Budiman, Professor of Indonesian Studies, University of Melbourne

Topic: The new president, capitalism and the prospects for democracy.

All universities in Australia are welcome to participate. We envisage that not only Indonesian Studies and Indonesian language students would benefit, but many others in fields which offer some study of Indonesia as a special or ancillary stream, such as Politics, Development Studies, International Business, Journalism, Nursing, Law, many Social Sciences, the fine arts, and so on. One lecturer from each university needs to nominate as local coordinator, book a lecture room, and receive one hour training in the use of the CENTRA collaborative system (see Technical, below). Could that lecturer please email Phillip Mahnken ( to ensure that we are aware of your wish to participate with your students.

There is a fee of $100.00 per participating university for the CENTRA software. We are still in the process of seeking subsidisation of this fee for all universities.


Hosted by University of the Sunshine Coast in collaboration with Learning Network Queensland and CENTRA collaboration software.

To take part in this online seminar, you will need to

  1. book a lecture theatre for 8 October or part of the day.
  2. receive and install the CENTRA add-on for Internet Explorer on the lecturer's computer in that lecture theatre,
  3. ensure you have external speakers and a microphone attached to your networked computer in the lecture theatre for the day

A training and testing session will be held between 12.00 and 2.00 on 1 October 2004 for all lecturers. It is an almost foolproof system but for nervous lecturers, you are more than welcome to ask an IT person from your institution to come to both the training and the seminar as back-up (and so you can enjoy the day rather than worry about sound, visuals or network issues).

It would be excellent if the four presenters create a PowerPoint presentation of six to eight slides (e.g. series of dot points with helpful images and a few links to websites to accompany their address.) Please forward the PowerPoint presentation to Mark Crees asap who will mount in on the agenda for you to call up. Email as attachment to (
We recommend lecturers at the one institution or campus coordinate the booking of one lecture theatre of appropriate size, if possible since each CENTRA licence costs $100 per machine it is installed on.

Further tech details


1. Get a headset with microphone from somewhere - they are common around unis. Cost about $16 from shops. Plug into computer (with Windows 2000 or Windows XP (Home or Pro) system. Ask a tech savvy student to help.

2. Direct your Internet Explorer to

3. Type in the id name and password Mark Crees of LNQ will send you

4. On Friday 8, click the "Attend" link under National Online Seminar on Indonesia . Up pops CENTRA interface.

Screen shot of CENTRA Interface

CENTRA Interface with Arief Budiman and his web images.

Arief slides

For practice before 8 October click the Ongoing Tab, then click on the "Training Nous" Attend link. Up pops CENTRA interface.

[[But what if this doesn't work? Troubleshooting advice.]]

5. When it's your turn to talk, Click on the microphone lock icon and talk.

10 September URGENT: Could all lecturers and speakers please email Mark Crees ( Telephone 07 3224 4305 ) at Learning Network Queensland providing the name, telephone and email of your Information Technology officer who will ensure that the system, the special add-on software, the lecture theatre, microphone is all running correctly. This person and yourself could take part in a practice session planned for 12.00 noon on 1 October. Just for your peace of mind, you should book the services of your "I.T. technical assistant" for 8 October as well if this is your first use of CENTRA.


Interaction Protocol
Each speaker will be invited to give a 25-30 minute address informing students of their view on the chosen topic, key issues and arguments.

Students can type questions in the parallel chat session as they arise during the speaker's 25 minute address. The speaker can then address these questions or respond to "raised hand" icons from any participating university. This avoids confusion and choking the bandwidth with competing voices.

University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) is the presenter and has overall control e.g. which microphones are turned on. Each guest speaker is given co-presenter rights, so can accept questions from particular universities.

If anything goes wrong with the link, simply re-join the session. (A Greening Australia Conference with 38 participants around Australia and several overseas recently went off without a hitch. )

Speakers may provide or lecturers select pre-readings for this event. We suggest it is a good stimulus to read and see these noted speakers before the day, e.g Arief Budiman on the documentary film "Riding the Tiger" or his online article
Indonesia's 'top-down' democracy. See review of Megan Jennaway's Women and Desire in Bali

A short list of useful readings will be posted here later.

Integrating the NOUS-IS into your courses
Geoff Woollams is advertising the NOUS-IS throughout all QUT campuses and expecting classes to come throughout the day as they can. He will require students of all his language classes that day to attend the NOUS-IS and to write a short report in Indonesian about at least one session.

A feedback form will be posted on this website later and emailed to all participating lecturers. We welcome any and all input into how to improve the event for the future.

Contact organisers
Phillip Mahnken
Telephone: 07 5430 1254
Michele Ford
Telephone: 08 8201 2985

Visit the Indonesian Studies Newsletter which welcomes your contributions.