Troubleshooting the log on to CENTRA process.

I had the firewall/network protection thing prevent installation and had to get a SPECIAL techie with "Administrator" rights to come and allow installation of the Microsoft Java Machine and a little .jar file (for Java applet). It can be eradicated immediately after use Friday.

An alternative is to take a laptop to the lecture theatre that is then properly configured and does not interfere with the Uni network image.

If your technical folks want to phone Phillip Gorbett here, 07 5430 2820, he can explain exactly what needs to be done. WARNING: You must be using a PC with Windows 2000 or Windows XP system. No Macintosh version available.

Logging on procedure.

With Internet Explorer go to

Enter id and password supplied by Mark Crees

On "My Schedule" Page, choose Ongoing tab and then you will see that Mark has left open for us a continuous session called "Training - NOUS". Click "Attend".

I will join you online there Wed or Thursday for practice when I am free especially if you call me 07 5430 1254 or email.

And then the most important icon on the interface is the microphone icon top left. Better to click the "Lock Microphone" (padlock symbol) below it, then unclick it when you finish speaking.

Megan, Arief, and I had a good practice with Mark Crees on Tuesday. Voice transmission was fine.

Mark Crees has left that session on all continuously for us to practice. You can sign on and play solo at any time. Or call Phil on 07 5430 1254 or email to set up a time to chat Wednesday or Thursday. Failing that, get Mark Crees online if possible via or Telephone 07 3224 4305.

Colin Brown also had the tip that headset micrphones seemed to produce far more stable broadcast voice than standing mikes, probably because the speaker's mouth is not moving away and back and again. This is fine for single "broadcasters" but for a class you need a roving or standing mike.

BTW There's some really clear training stuff at

Please forward this to your tech support person if it helps.

Phil Mahnken