Personal Profile

Dr Megan Jennaway,

BA (Hons), PhD.

Women’s Re-entry Postdoctoral Fellow, CIRAC, QUT

Ethnographic writing; fiction as creative practice; feminist and postmodern anthropology; ethnomedicine; South and Southeast Asian anthropology; South and Southeast Asian women.

Teaching: Indonesian language (QUT; UQLD); Asian Studies (DALAS, UQLD); medical anthropology/indigenous health (DIH, SPH, UQLD).

Recent academic publications include Sisters and Lovers: Women and Desire in Bali (2002); Displacing Desire: Sex and Sickness in North Bali. (Due 2003); Body-binding in Bali (Due 2003); Inflatable bodies and the breath of life: courtship and desire among young women in North Bali. (2002); Bitter honey: female agency and the polygynous household, North Bali. (2000); Of blood and foetuses: female fertility and women's reproductive health in a North Balinese village. (1996); Movement without a voice: the 1992 general elections in a North Balinese village.(1993); Paradigms, postmodern epistemologies and paradoxes: the place of feminism in anthropology(1990). Also, many short stories; is currently writing a novel set in East Timor/Brisbane.

Supervision: traditional healers in urban Brisbane; Jap Kapital as a form of Otherness, incorporating Bourdieu’s notion of symbolic capital; reflexivity and experiences of selfhood among native-language LOTE teachers in Brisbane; maidenhood, sexuality and modernity in Mataram, Lombok, Eastern Indonesia
Review of Sisters and Lovers: Women and Desire in Bali (2002)

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