Issue 28
We need your contributions:
what your institution is doing, achievements, special offerings, problems being faced at present, interesting new approaches, reviews of publications, news of government initiatives (or those needed), even professional gossip (who is where now), conference calls, useful websites. All these things help us to keep in touch in between our biennial ASILE Conference. 
The proceedings of ASILE conferences and other articles will be posted on the WACANA e-journal at 
Harry Aveling, Latrobe U

Phillip Mahnken, Sunshine Coast

The Indonesian Studies Newsletter
of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA)
Issue 28 January-April 2000

  • Griffith University post-graduate certificate and diploma in Indonesian language studies Malcolm Smith 
  • ANU News Tim Hassall 
  • Report from Timor 2000 Indrawati Zifirdaus 
  • ASAA Conference 2000: "Whose Millenium" Charles Coppell 
  • RETHINKING_INDONESIA Conference - Melbourne - 4-5 March 2000
  • New Indonesian Ambassador
  • Input on future Melbourne Conferences - Charles Coppell 
  • Ida Nurhayati to ADFA 
  • To resist is to win - biography of Xanana Gusmao 
  • Anak Jalanan - Semarang Street Kids webpage by Jane Eaton 
  • Visit of Labour activist Muchtar Pakpahan 
  • Logan Research Fellowships: Call for applications 
  • A/Prof. David Reeve joins ACICIS Reference Group
  • Pasar malam di Brisbane
  • media kerja budaya - a cultural commentary journal includes a free sample of first article of issue 3, 2000 - music to the ears of pro-democracy supporters. Good reading and discussion matter for third year Indonesian langauge students.
  • ACICIS Deadline
  • An open letter to Indonesian reformists by Olle Tornquist Editorial and Opinion in Jakarta Post April 17, 2000
  • Your news BY YOU 
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