Issue 30
We need your contributions:
what your institution is doing, achievements, special offerings, problems being faced at present, interesting new approaches, reviews of publications, news of government initiatives (or those needed), even professional gossip (who is where now), conference calls, useful websites. All these things help us to keep in touch in between our biennial ASILE Conference. 
The proceedings of ASILE conferences and other articles will be posted on the WACANA e-journal at 
Harry Aveling, Latrobe U

Phillip Mahnken, Sunshine Coast




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The Indonesian Studies Newsletter
of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA)

Issue 30 September-December 2000

  • Monash Indonesian by Distance Education
  • WORKSHOP ON SOUTHEAST ASIAN WOMEN Mon 25 Sept 2000 9.00 am - 5.15 pm - download
  • National Library of Australia Indonesian Internet Sites homepage (
  • Report and photos by Peter Jacobson in Timor
  • Jana Wendt interviews Jose Ramos Horta
  • New ICG report is now available from their website <>
    Indonesia: keeping the military under control
  • Anthropology Symposium in North Sumatra
  • Newspaper article about Australian attitudes to Indonesia by Phillip Mahnken 9 September 2000
  • State Department Report on Religious Freedom in Indonesia - 5 Sept 2000 [by way of cari digest
  • Gympie Laga Humanitarian Aid
  • Militer harus rubah kebijakan
  • Memoire of the Indies-Frank Coenders
  • Krakatau Jazz fusion band at Noosa 11 October 2000
  • Old Selves / New Selves: The Politics of Identity in Contemporary Indonesia
  • FaktaHAM weekly human rights brief by the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights
  • Teach Australian Studies in Sabah
  • East Timor Perspective by Peter Hosking, Jesuit Refugee Service
  • Sunshine Coast horticulturalist in East Timor
  • The Women and Children Study and Development Institute of Yogyakarta
  • INDONESIANISTS 2001 Conference
  • Wahid's New-Look Indonesia Is Frankly a Mess By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN
  • The University of Tasmania's Teach in Indonesia program
  • Molestation of street kids in Semarang - report and appeal (download) and letter to Semarang police (download)
  • Lontar calling all translators via Inspirasi Magazine
  • Wiranto's debut album
  • Australia Indonesia Merdeka Fellowship prestigious, mid-career awards
  • Have a look at the Sunshine Coast-Solo twinned websites project feedback most welcome.
  • Anti Australian Feeling
  • Monash Annual Indonesia Lecture Series: The Presidency of Abdurrahman Wahid: An Evaluation.
  • Indonesian Education Budget Worst in World
  • Indonesia Group Discussionin Brisbane
  • Report by W. Timor NGOs presented to UN Delegation
  • Secret bid to thwart Irian Jaya split

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