Issue 39
Welcome to Issue 39 - third issue for 2003.

Come and gone: the AFMLTA Conference in Brisbane and the 7th National Conference of ASILE in Adelaide 7-8 July 2003 - "Spice up your Indonesian".

The proceedings of ASILE conferences and other articles will be posted on the WACANA e-journal when available.

Harry Aveling, Latrobe U

Phillip Mahnken, Sunshine Coast

The Indonesian Studies Newsletter
of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA)

Issue 39 September - December 2003

  • ASAA Promotions Officer, position available funded by Myer Foundation grant
  • Independence Day 4 Corners program on the Aceh War - transcript
  • Views on Indonesia from leaders of tomorrow
  • Novels and Newspapers in Southeast Asia: Instruments of Modernity Berkeley Conference 2004
  • Rustriningsih - the democratic, female bupati of Sumedang
  • Conflict Management and Democratic Dialogue
    a cooperation b.t. Ohio U and Uni Indonesia - much great reading in Indonesian.
  • The Centre of Southeast Asian Studies of the Monash Asia Institute is pleased to announce the Annual Indonesia Lecture Series for 2003 Islamic Terrorism in Indonesia: Myths and Realities by Jones (ICG), Fealy, ANU, Crouch, (ANU / ICG), Wright-Neville, (Monash) 24 September 2003
  • Neglected neighbour by David Hill - hard hitting critique of the bleeding of Indonesian Studies in Australia
  • Australian Volunteers International - in Indonesia
  • ICG Report: Jemaah Islamiyah in South East Asia: Damaged but Still Dangerous (26 August 2003) ICG Report: Jemaah Islamiyah in South East Asia: Damaged but Still Dangerous (26 August 2003)
  • Reformasi di bawah pemerintahan Megawati Melbourne
  • 6 month Youth Ambassador position in East Timor
  • Losing our Asian accent The Age, October 6, 2003
  • ASAA Promotions Officer,position available funded by Myer Foundation grant
  • The Belajar Bersama  video series - an Indonesian language learning resource
  • Curtin Fellowships
  • ABC Asia Pacific website makeover
  • URGENT Indonesia Reseach Position in Parliamentary Library
  • Inside Indonesia 20th anniversary celebrations Uni Melbourne, 1 Nov 2003 see journal website
  • Pendidikan Damai mailing list and website
  • Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance Issue 16 Summer 2003 of Inspirasi On-line Magazine is now available.
  • Indonesian STUDIES and Indonesian LANGUAGE summer schools in Sydney January 2004
  • Indonesian Studies Bulletin from John MacDougall - see also Digest 101 articles on Kopassus and "Indonesia by its leaders and gossip"
  • Oak Human Rights Fellowship - Focus on East and Southeast Asia
  • ACICIS Short Report and photos
  • David Armstrong photo website - well worth a visit
  • Life Among the Minangkabau of Indonesia virtual exhibition of photographs by Peggy Reeves Sanday
  • Indonesian Folktales new Greenwood Publishers Book
  • Your views and news, please.