Issue 40
Welcome to Issue 40 - first issue for 2004.

The proceedings of ASILE conferences and other articles will be posted on the WACANA e-journal when available.


Phillip Mahnken, Sunshine Coast

Harry Aveling, Latrobe U

  • Indonesian language learners and native speakers discussion group (all topics allowed, not just language learning), sign up at indonesian_learners
    If you are looking for a real beginners e-group, better to join: australiaindonesia


    Ganesa, Yogya
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    The Indonesian Studies Newsletter
    of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA)

    Issue 40 January - April 2004

  • Islamic Law in Modern Indonesia, conference in April 2004, Harvard Law School
  • Reminder ASAA Conference29 June - 2 July 2004 abstracts due 5 March
  • Writer/Mentor and Team Leader of the Translation Unit needed for Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor. Email Kieran Dwyer
  • Indonesian Folktales new Greenwood Publishers Book - full review coming soon
  • Look at this website's Indonesian Resources Page - see for example NSW Curriculum Support for Indonesian, and myriad other strands on the web. If you have Shockwave, see and hear an amazing "play gamelan online" site (click Interactive Media) [not Macintosh.]
  • Preview DEST's highly interactive Online Indonesian and Japanese Readers. Coming soon on CD and web to you.
  • An inspiring student writes in Indonesian about learning languages (also in English).
  • Jaya Suprana piano soloist extraordinaire Thursday 25th March, 1.10pm Monash,Clayton Campus
  • Speaking of tongues Sydney Morning Herald - article on emerging state of English and other languages in world population
  • $110 MILLION FOR LANGUAGES EDUCATION 11 March 2004 Press release from Minister Nelson
  • USC visitors to Indonesia January 2004 personal acocunts
  • Islam and Society: Perspectives and Prospects Conference, Brisbane, September 3-4, 2004
  • Article listings for journals Indonesia and Excerptica Indonesica
  • A cornucopia of resources on Language, Arts and Law. Links to many stimulating papers such asĘ Lionel Murphy Memorial Lecture 2002: Who's Afraid of Human Rights?
  • Lo Bianco: study varieties of English and foreign languages The Australian
  • NALSAS Indonesian Readers completed, accessible now at qantm and later permanently at DEST server.
  • Your views and news, please.