Issue 42
Welcome to Issue 42 - third issue for 2004.

"The demise of Indonesian studies in Australia is a scandal. When will the nation wake up, lose fear and build bridges? We seem to be an immature, fearful nation that can't even look across a couple of small seas on our northern frontier with understanding and intelligence, let alone with compassion."

Pastor August Fricke


Phillip Mahnken, Sunshine Coast

Harry Aveling, Latrobe U

From Megan Jennaway

  • Indonesian language learners and native speakers discussion group (all polite topics allowed, except commercial spam), sign up at indonesian_learners
    If you are looking for a real beginners e-group, better to join: australiaindonesia


    The Indonesian Studies Newsletter
    of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA)

    Issue 42 September - December

  • The National Online Undergraduate Seminar - Indonesian Studies 8 October 2004 - 11.00 am to 4.00 pm EST - students of Indonesian language, society, culture, politics hear and interact online with four leading Australian Indonesianists.
    NOUS Paper available: Indonesian Women by Megan Jennaway (MS Word)
  • Laga East Timor - Revisited - (MS Word) by Pastor August Fricke 'The Gympie Times' Saturday 30th October, 2004
  • Indonesia Update Conference Natural Resources in Indonesia: The Economic, Political and Environmental Challenges. 24-25 September 2004.
  • Fading Indonesia Expertise in Australia
  • Indonesia's Enemy Within
  • David Hill Language Divide Widens
  • Louise Perry Indonesia studies facing axe 15sep04 Original
  • Richard AcklandUnderstanding Asia is a hopeful cry September 10, 2004
  • Asia-Pacific Week Scholarships
    at ANU's Asia-Pacific Week February 2005
  • Inside Indonesia latest issue No. 80 October - December 2004
  • Decentralisation and the Emergence of Local Politics in Indonesia Vedi R. Hadiz seminar, ANU
  • Pameran Seni Di Byron Bay, Januari 2005 Tema: Ungkapan Kasih Antara Indonesia Dan Australia
  • Pandu - in-country Indonesian Language Course
  • Study at Pusat Bahasa, Universitas Mataram, Lombok by Bert Berghuis

  • Prof. Iain McCalman's "Making Culture Bloom" (PDF)
    [Also at Academy of Hum anities Must read.]
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    ASILE conference
    Jembatan: Crossing Bridges
    WILTA or at Curtin
    3-5 July 2005.
    Convenor: Ian Chalmers,
    Curtin Uni, WA.

    3rd International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities
    Cambridge, UK, 2-5 Aug, 2005

    NOUS-IS 2005
    8 August 2005 (TBC)

    Indonesian Update ANU
    23-24 September 2005
    See 2004 site

    ICOC Indonesian Council Open Conference
    26-27 Sept. 2005
    (non-refereed to help postgrads and less experienced academics - 120 people in Canberra last time) including Inside Indonesia editing workshop

    Berita Bahasa Indonesia
    NSW Bulletin for Teachers of Indonesian

    The proceedings of ASILE conferences and other articles are posted on the WACANA e-journal when available.