Issue 43
Welcome to Issue 43 - first issue for 2005.

SBY in Oz:
"Indonesians looking south would now see the richest country in the southern hemisphere, one of the the fastest growing economies in the OECD. A bastion of stability, progress, dynamism. Indonesians looking south would also see a confident country down under which has reinvented herself successfully, with an open, tolerant society based on multi-culturalism. Australians looking north would now see that along the equator spans the world's third largest democracy that is Indonesia-third, after India and the United States. [...] Australians looking north would also see a country that is home to the world's largest muslim population-there are more muslims in Indonesia than in the entire Middle-East. It is also a wondrous place where Islam, democracy and modernity thrive together. And Australians looking north would also see in Indonesia a bridge to East Asia. You look at these facts and you just know that the relationship between Indonesia and Australia can be anything BUT ordinary. It is not enough for us to be just neighbors. We have to be strong partners. " SBY in Aust.


Phillip Mahnken, Sunshine Coast

Harry Aveling, Latrobe U

From Bree Sonter

  • Indonesian language learners and native speakers discussion group (all polite topics allowed, except commercial spam), sign up at indonesian_learners
    If you are looking for a real beginners e-group, better to join: australiaindonesia

    The Indonesian Studies Newsletter
    of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA)

    Issue 43 January - April 2005

  • ASILE conference Jembatan: Crossing Bridges 3-5 July 2005, Curtin Uni, Perth, WA
    New: Conference Program and Registration Convenor: Ian Chalmers, Curtin Uni, WA.
  • ACICIS March 2005 update
  • Streaming media and full transcript of the SBS Documentary on death of
    Munir: "Garuda's Deadly Upgrade" DATELINE on SBS TV, 30 March 2005
  • Radio National Breakfast Show Wed 2-3-05 Australian military linguistic deficits
  • International Institute of Social History (IISH), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Four Corners Online Special on Islamic Extremism
  • Australian military linguistic deficits Radio National Breakfast Show Wed 2-3-05
  • Caritas Australia Indonesian programs
  • Yudhoyono Visit to Australia Canberra Times      Radio National
    Prime Minister Howard's Speech        Pres. SYB Speech to Aus Parliament       Joint Press Conference
  • ICOC Indonesia Council Open Conference 26-27 Sept. 2005
    established scholars and newer Indonesianists-
    deadline for paper and panel proposals 31 March 2005 -
    email More info
  • Current Research at Melbourne Uni - see e.g. Arief Budiman's Radical Islam in Indonesia: Latent External Threats for Australia.
    Also Ariel Heryanto and Vedi Hadiz
    Social Movements in Post-Authoritarian Conditions: The Case of Indonesia
    Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University Working Paper Series
    edited, comprehensive collection of researchers' work in progress.
    Please send a link to descriptions of your current or past research.
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology -guest logon, sample articles, well worth inspection
  • Islam in Southeast Asia: Political, Social and Strategic Challenges for the 21st Century
    edited by K S Nathan and Mohammad Hashim Kamali- ISEAS
  • Peace Brigades International (PBI) Indonesia Project
  • Indonesia in the Soeharto Years: Issues, Incidents and Images new from Lontar

  • Recommended reading: Prof. Iain McCalman's
    "Making Culture Bloom" (PDF) [Also at Academy of Hum anities Must read.]


    Study at Pusat Bahasa, Universitas Mataram, Lombok by Bert Berghuis

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    ASILE conference
    Jembatan: Crossing Bridges
    WILTA or at Curtin
    3-5 July 2005.
    Convenor: Ian Chalmers,
    Curtin Uni, WA.

    3rd International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities
    Cambridge, UK, 2-5 Aug, 2005

    NOUS-IS 2005
    8 August 2005 (TBC)

    Indonesian Update ANU
    23-24 September 2005
    See 2004 site

    ICOC Indonesian Council Open Conference
    26-27 Sept. 2005
    (non-refereed to help postgrads and less experienced academics - 120 people in Canberra last time) including Inside Indonesia editing workshop

    Berita Bahasa Indonesia
    NSW Bulletin for Teachers of Indonesian

    The proceedings of ASILE conferences and other articles are posted on the WACANA e-journal when available.

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