Issue 53
Welcome to Issue 53 - second issue for 2008.


Phillip Mahnken, Sunshine Coast

The power, the efficiency and the beauty of all things are functions of their difference. Frieda M. Holt

  • Indonesian language learners and native speakers discussion group (all polite topics allowed, except commercial spam), sign up at indonesian_learners
    If you are looking for a real beginners e-group, better to join: australiaindonesia

    The Indonesian Studies Newsletter
    of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA)

    Issue 53 May - August 2008

  • ASAA Biennial conference, 1-3 July 2008 in Melbourne
  • Special Forum at Berkeley university on Post-1998 Indonesia, with guest speakers female activist, leader and parliamentarian Nursyahbani Katjasungkana and activist academic Hilmar Farid. Webcast or download mp3
  • Mass Media in Indonesia - "The Impossibility of History", free public lecture by Laksmi Pamuntjak hosted by Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne - see also images and notes
  • US lifts travel warning but Rudd dodges the issue in Jakarta
  • lNDONEWS is published four times a year, for those interested in Indonesian studies and events related to Indonesia. This newsletter is jointly prepared by staff and students of the Indonesian Program, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne.
  • The Indonesia Council Digest of the ASAA Indonesian Council also now on Facebook
  • Indonesian Listening Materials A Languages of the Wider World SOAS and UCL Production - highly recommended for early stage Indonesian language learnings.
  • Not to forget the brilliant film clip based materials at University of Wisconsin: Warung Sinema [if Access button fails, try link direct to lessons
  • and Beginning Indonesian University of Victoria, Canada
  • 2008 Asialink Annual Arts Public Forum Indonesia Calling: Indonesian Arts Today
    Carrillo Gantner Lecture Theatre, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, The University of Melbourne Friday 18 July 2008, 9.15am-5pm Free but you must book.
  • Major cutbacks in the NLA's Indonesian Acquisitions Project - URGENT
  • Indonesian Lecturer Scholarships
  • Indonesian Teachers Congress 2008 Jakarta November 27-28, 2008
  • Terms and Processes in Translation between Indonesian and English by Richard K Johnston
            UNSW PhD thesis Feb 2006 
  • Forum: preparing for the Asian century broadcast on Radio National program, Life Matters, and presented by Asia Education Foundation                   In this forum recorded at the recent Asia Education Forum in Adelaide, Richard Aedy discusses what new skills and knowledge Australian children will need to succeed. Also, how well prepared are our schools for teaching students the cultural literacy that could help them engage with our region. Guests: Malcolm Norris, Head of Exploration and New Business for Intrepid Mines; Prof. Robin Jeffery, Director of the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies at ANU; Kathy Kiting, Principal of Campbell Primary School in the ACT; Andrew Blair, President of the Australian Secondary Principals Assocation. Listen to or download the podcast (mp3) highly recommended (about 55 minutes) .
  • Regional Universities Indonesian Language Initiative (RUILI) - UNE news

    From Issue 52 untuk sementara

  • MyLanguage provides access to search engines, web directories and news in over sixty languages. MyLanguage is a partnership between the State Libraries of NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, and WA and the NT and ACT Library and Information Services.
  • RN Rear Vision 24 February 2008 - Indonesia's President Suharto, his rise and fall Summary: Suharto, the former strong man of Indonesia, died last month taking many secrets with him -- among them what really happened in the coup attempt that catapulted him to power, and how he was able to stay at the top of this volatile country for 32 years. Rear Vision looks at the long rise, the sudden fall, and the legacy of President Suharto. [From: Adrian Vickers 26 Feb 2008]
  • Indonesian Internships including unit for credit through Universitas Islam Indonesia in Yogya
  • Big Neighbour Fading From Our Radar by David T. Hill The Australian 12 March 2008
  • Robert Elson, The idea of Indonesia: a history (pp. xvii, 365) has just been published by Cambridge University Press.  
  • 5.  Suharto: A Declassified Documentary Obit [pdf] The National Security Archive at George Washington University published this electronic briefing book which includes a number of declassified U.S. documents which detail various aspects of Suharto's time in office.
  • All Chinese to us [Radio National The National Interest recording / transcript - second item] Australia has its first Mandarin-speaking prime minister - it's hardly surprising, therefore, that the new government wants to boost the number of students with a foreign language. But have we missed the boat? Is Australia now so far behind that our exporters are already facing a skills bottleneck? Can we crack the Chinese market if we don't have enough Australian sinophones ready to hit the ground running? If the debate's sounding familiar, it could be because our language crisis was first highlighted almost 20 years ago. What can be done? How do we fire up linguistic excitement in potential students? Robin Jeffrey and Kathy Kirby interviewed.
  • Big gold find in Lombok and Massive investment by United Arab Emirates in mega-tourism project in Lombok World-class residential and resort community covering 1,175 hectares brief report
  • Education Victoria Languages Online - groundbreaking work here in the City Centre Project, good online exercises for young learners of Indonesian and other languages
    Indonesian Talking Dictionary at Hello World - may be useful, the whole site is a bit strange.
  • Please send your views and news. Please send any news of developments in Indonesian studies or a link to descriptions of your current or past research. Write us an opinion piece or report about the state of Indonesian in your school, an event, an achievement, a problem that the Indonesian teaching commuity would like to know about.

  • From Archives

  • DARMASISWA SCHOLARSHIPS via the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra. One year at an Indonesian institution studying the area of your choice (national and regional languages, music, dance, arts, etc) Dr. Agus Sartono, the new Education and Cultural Attaché has fifty scholarships to allocate and is keen to hear from applicants at any time. Further Darmasiswa Information is available at It's a once-in-a-lifetime and life-changing experience!
  • Languages Education Australia - a treasure chest of developments in languages education
  • AsiaCALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)
  • Lowy Institute Sydney, Wednesday Lunch 1 August with Dr Peter McCawley Flyer
  • Indonesia: Punching Below its Weight? Many Lowy Institute talks available as mp3.

  • National Online Undergraduate Seminar for Indonesian Studies 6 October 2006. Archives with sound and visuals are available via these links: Aspinall, Hatley, Elson and Ford. Try out the audio-conference room at

  • Steve Miller's Honours Thesis on Pramoedya Ananta Toer
  • Completely new worlds An inspiring testimonial from a languages student

  • Websites of ongoing value

  • INDONEWS from the Asia Institute of Melbourne University
  • Languages Education Australia
  • Berita Bahasa Indonesia NSW Bulletin for Teachers of Indonesian
  • Speaking with Cloth: Cerita Dalam Kain Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) stunning online exhibition to accompany the real thing.
  • Indonesian and Japanese Online Readers highly interactive and intercultural
  • Remembering vocabulary in your foreign language
  • Recent Asialink iLectures. (audio files). See also Recent Lecture, Seminar and Forum transcripts
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology

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  • Relevant reading for students and teachers in past issues.
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    ASAA Biennial conference, 1-3 July 2008 in Melbourne

    World Education Forum SA--International Conference; 'Being , Becoming and Belonging- the economic imperative in education" Adelaide 26 to 28 June 2008

    "Europe and Asia Between Islam and the United States"
    Melbourne, Australia 6-7 December

    * ASILE 2009 Conference blog
    Maju bersama: Advancing Australia's Indonesian Language Potential

    ASILE 2007 Conference
    5-8 July 2007
    on the Sunshine Coast

    Proceedings *

    ‘By increasing greatly the
    number of Australians with a ‘full immersion’ knowledge of Indonesia, its
    peoples, language(s) and ways of doing things, we will gradually reduce
    the prevalence in the community of stereotypes and misconceptions,
    prejudices and ignorance of Indonesian etiquette that can unwittingly be highly damaging to the image of Australia in Indonesia. Educational and cultural exchanges will play an important part in this, but must be developed on a far broader scale than hitherto, with more adequate funding and possibly along quite new lines. The serious loss of momentum on this front in recent years needs to be remedied as vigorously as possible.'
    [page xiii].

    (Australia and Indonesia
    Current ProbLems, Future Prospects
    Jamie Mackie, Lowy Institute Paper 19. Available online)