Issue 57
Welcome to Issue 56- second issue for 2009.


Phillip Mahnken, Sunshine Coast

"Australia needs to do better, a lot better, in our level of Indonesian language study, in development of Indonesian studies within our universities and in our schools and our understanding of the enormous complexity that is Indonesian Islam.." Prime Minster Kevin Rudd at Australia Indonesia Conference, 19 Feb 2009


"Commercial links, alone, will never render war unthinkable. What will, however, are mutual understanding and respect and the banishing of prejudice." Australian General Peter Cosgrove (ret.), 2002

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  •   The Indonesian Studies Newsletter
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    Issue 57 September - December 2009

    Relevant reading for students and teachers in past issues.

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    ASILE 2010:
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    ASILE 2009 archive (slideshare)

    also D Reeve's on methodology

    ASILE 2009 Conference
    Maju bersama: Advancing Australia's Indonesian Language Potential
    14 - 15 July 2009

    St Catherine’s School Waverley, Sydney

    ASILE 2007 Conference archive
    5-8 July 2007 on the Sunshine Coast
    2007 Proceedings

    ASILE 2009 flyer

    ASILE 2009 website