ISN Issue 60
Welcome to Issue 60 - third issue for 2010.

Phillip Mahnken, Sunshine Coast

"The good news is that Australia - the only Western society geographically in Asia - is uniquely positioned geographically to benefit from the Asian century. [...] The bad news is that our fast-disappearing Asia literacy is letting us down. The constant public rhetoric in government, business and education of internationalisation and angagement with Asia is just that: rhetoric." [...]

Once properly funded, a new 2020 National Asia Literacy program would have two limbs. The first would be mainstreaming language education. Like it or not, our current low base means the only way the only way we can realistically re-tool quickly enough is to make learning LOTE (Languages Other Than English, both Asian and others) compulsory in our schools

"We have dumbed-down so far that we are unable to speak to the people in our own region in their languages."

Prof. Tim Lindsey, Director, Asian Law Centre, University of Melbourne

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        Issue 60 September - December 2010

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