ISN Issue 61
Welcome to Issue 61 - first issue for 2011.

Editor: Phillip Mahnken,
Sunshine Coast

" It seems ridiculous that geographically we can be in such close proximity to a nation, yet know so little about them. And I cringe as I admit that my knowledge of Indonesia is very limited. Actually, correction - it's pathetic.
Of course we know that Bali is a hugely popular tourist destination with Australians. And for me, Indonesia is also home to a genre of music that near made my head explode the first time I heard it. Gamelan percussion. I got my grubby mitts on some gamelan music recorded early last century and those sounds gave me goosebumps for days afterwards. Still do today. All I could think was, "Where in the world does this come from?" The current "Closing The Gap" exhibition showcases contemporary Indonesian art. ' from great article Closing the Gap, Opening Your Mind posted by Namila Benson Wednesday 2 March, 2011 at ABC Arts.

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        Issue 61 January - April 2011

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