ISN Issue 63
Welcome to Issue 63 - third issue for 2011.

Editor: Phillip Mahnken,
Sunshine Coast

"Asia has never been of greater global significance ...

Australia hasn’t been here before.

Here, with our largest export market and largest trading partner neither a democracy nor part of our alliance system, a nation whose economic transformation is in turn transforming the economic and strategic balance of our world.

A new China.

Here, with an English-speaking democracy with 1.2 billion citizens, rising to find its place in the world and our region and on an ocean whose shores we share.

A new India.

Here, with the world’s largest Islamic population living in the world’s third largest democracy, one remarkable and too little remarked-upon country, every day disproving the millions of words spent arguing that Islam and democracy are incompatible.

A new Indonesia.

Here where new powers are rising and where power relativities are changing too."

Julia Gillard, Australia in the Asian Century, 28 September 2012 at Asialink.

"There simply is no substitute for the level of understanding achieved when you are able to communicate with another community in their language. The same goes for reading in the original, because comprehension of the construction of language facilitates conceptualisation of the construction of thought." By Vanessa newby, Learning Arabic: is it worth it? by Vanessa Newby, PhD candidate at the University of Queensland, writing for Lowy Institute's Interpreter, 5 October 2011.

We have another, I think, very deep challenge into the future: the way the shift of energy economically and even politicially from Western constructions of the world and Western power to East Asia in particular, the rapid rate at which that has occurred, is unlikely to slow and I think all of the Humanities and indeed all knowledge systems are going to do a a major, go through a process of adjustment to this new kind of borderlessness or lowered borders and admit that non-Western knowledge systems have been deeply underrepresented in our academies.

Joe Lo Bianco with Philip Adams 21 Nov 2011

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        Issue 63 September - December 2011

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