ISN Issue 69
Welcome to Issue 69 - third issue for 2013.

Editor: Phillip Mahnken,
Sunshine Coast

"... this is an idea whose time has come, or perhaps I should say has come again,” Mr Abbott said.

Shadow foreign minister Julie Bishop, prime mover behind the new plan, said the Coalition wanted study and work experience in the region, from Pakistan in the west to Fiji in the east, to become “a rite of passage” open to every Australian undergraduate.

“If we are truly serious about broadening and deepening our engagement in Asia we need a grand initiative, a signature policy (and one) that will go on in perpetuity,” she said.

Forrest, ANZ support new Colombo plan Bernard Lane 23 March 2013

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My commitment tonight is to work urgently with the states to ensure that at least 40 per cent of Year 12 students are once more taking a language other than English within a decade." Hon. Tony Abbott, Leader of Federal Opposition, Budget Reply Speech, 10 May 2012

Anthony Milner, Basham Professor of Asian History, Australian National University

The "Asian Century" does not call for a reinvention of the Australian community - we would be wrong to fear an assault on our national values and institutions.

But it is necessary to assess our national skill-set and our mental preparation. What we have now is an Australian community in which almost no one learns an Asian language, and the study of Asian societies and histories is virtually ignored in our schools. This cannot be a good basis for the task ahead. Read the full article.

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The Indonesian Studies Newsletter
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    Issue 69 September - December 2013

   Oldies but goodies

  • Herb Feith Memorial Lecture by David Hill, 1 Aug 2012 at Uni. Melbourne
  • Dr Ken Henry Speech to the 2012 Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia
    13 July 2012 on the forthcoming White Paper "Australia's Future in the Asian Century" [full details at]
  • DARMASISWA SCHOLARSHIPS via the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra. One year at an Indonesian institution studying the area of your choice (national and regional languages, music, dance, arts, etc) Dr. Agus Sartono, the new Education and Cultural Attaché has fifty scholarships to allocate and is keen to hear from applicants at any time. Further Darmasiswa Information is available at's a once-in-a-lifetime and life-changing experience!

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