ISN Issue 70
Welcome to Issue 70 - first issue for 2014.

Editor: Phillip Mahnken,
Sunshine Coast


There has been a lot of rhetoric about Indonesia being Australia's most important relationship. It's not. But given Indonesia's economic growth, size and proximity, it should be, writes Benjamin Fullarton.
Amidst the fallout of the Australian-Indonesia phone tapping scandal, the actual Australian Indonesia relationship has been properly considered for the first time in several years.
Indonesia is Asia's second fastest growing economy and the single largest in Southeast Asia - progress that Australia should be attempting to capitalise on. This should become more relevant as Indonesia is in urgent need of infrastructure improvements to help maintain its growth. This usually involves iron and steel, both of which Australia has in abundance.
Looking further ahead, Indonesia has all the potential for a middle class boom, the like of which has been seen in Japan and South Korea, and is currently being seen in India and China. Given the strong movement for increased wages as well as Indonesia's own initial efforts at removing people from poverty, there should be great potential for Australia's service industries, including education and tourism, as well as even more agriculture and cattle.
Yet, at present, all this is simply untapped potential.

Untapped potential in Indonesian relationship By Benjamin Fullarton Posted Mon 25 Nov 2013, 11:22am AEDT

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