ISN Issue 72
Welcome to Issue 72 - third issue for 2014.

Editor: Phillip Mahnken,
Sunshine Coast


"Coffs Harbour Christian Community School aims to become a leader in the provision of Indonesian language, providing students with the opportunity to develop language and cultural knowledge over thirteen years. Being keenly aware of the ongoing national decline in the number of students studying Indonesian, Coffs Harbour CCS believe they have uncovered some strategies to reversing that trend, which they would like to share with education jurisdictions as well as other schools. Amongst all of the strategies implemented by CHCCS, the strong underlying cornerstone of their success is the development of personal relationships through their Indonesian partnerships, because there is no better incentive to learning a language than to be able to communicate with friends."

Congratulations to Coffs Harbour Christian Community School for leadership in the provision and promotion of Indonesian language and cultural studies and sharing their strategies to reversing the decline in uptake of Indonesian. Congratulations too for their modelling of committed and caring attitudes and moral leadership in sponsoring real ongoing international friendship.
Dr Phillip Mahnken, Editor

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  • Bringing a little of Noosa to Lombok by Bill Hoffman in the Sunshine Coast Daily. 15th Nov 2014. An inspiring example of the citizen-by-citizen conversion of Australians into citizens engaged in their Asia Pacific Region. Thankfully the "bottom up community-based approach" means old colonial arrogance or even know-all exploitative outside expert has given way to mutual respect and concern.

    ACICIS student Iona Main with Yunita Capriaty in Bandung
    See Study Travel to Indonesian booms in 'Jokowi effect' by Bernard Lane in the Australian. 26 Nov 2014

    "Now rapidly modernising, Indonesia is, like China before it, becoming a major player on the global stage. It is a force in the world - but for what? How much do we really know about its history, its politics, its cultures and its peoples? Demokrasi: Indonesia in the 21st Century is an accessible and authoritative introduction to this fascinating young nation." Demokrasi - Indonesia in the 21st Century by HAMISH MCDONALD


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        Issue 72 September - December 2014

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