ISN Issue 74
Welcome to Issue 74 - second issue for 2015.

Editor: Dr Phillip Mahnken,
Sunshine Coast


"Asylum seeker policy

"The treatment of our nearest neighbour in particular, Indonesia, has been appalling and insulting to a nation attempting to deal with its own terrorism and refugee transit issues. I can understand Tony Abbott not comprehending the implications, but for our foreign minister to inflame the situation with Indonesia is worrying." Asylum-seeker policy a dark spot in Australia’s history by former Independent MP Tony Windsor 27 June 2015

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Linking people Connections and encounters between Australians and Indonesians, Antje Missbach and Jemma Purdey (eds.) a collection of thoughtful essays. Table of Contents

CIA Director Allen Dulles'
Cold War strategy
was focused on
the removal of Sukarno
of Indonesia.
JFK was in the way.

The Incubus of Intervention

"Now rapidly modernising, Indonesia is, like China before it, becoming a major player on the global stage. It is a force in the world - but for what? How much do we really know about its history, its politics, its cultures and its peoples? Demokrasi: Indonesia in the 21st Century is an accessible and authoritative introduction to this fascinating young nation." Demokrasi - Indonesia in the 21st Century by HAMISH MCDONALD



The Indonesian Studies Newsletter
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    Issue 74 May - August 2015

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5th International Conference
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