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third issue for 2016.
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The Indonesian Studies Newsletter
of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA)

    Issue 78 Sept - Dec 2016

ASILE 2016, Adelaide 30 Sept - 2 Oct 2016 Flinders University, Adelaide. Biennial Conference of the Australian Society of Indonesian Language Educators. See ASILE Website and ASILE 2016 Facebook page for news.
  • ASILE 2016: Menuju Paradigma Baru Pengajaran Bahasa Indonesia di Australia Prof Ronny R Noor, Atase Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan . 3 Oct 2016. "... upaya keras dan kerjasama yang luar biasa seluruh insan pendidik Australia dalam mengembangkan bahasa Indonesia di Australia. Kecintaan mereka terhadap bahasa Indonesia merupakan modal utama sekaligus angin segar bagi keberadaan dan masa depan bahasa Indonesia di Australia."
  • Grade 7 Indonesian Language and Culture Immersion Camp Sunshine Coast, 4- 5 March 2017
  • Indonesian language literacy: what Australia can learn from South Korea by Dr Kathleen Turner, Griffith University.   Read it and .. act! Ed.
  • Research finds many Australians negative and ill-informed about Indonesia Jewel Topsfield, SMH, 15 Aug 2016 [See Australia Indonesia Perceptions Report 2016]
  • Australian students kick-starting careers in Indonesia under New Colombo Plan by Latika Bourke SMH 11 Sept 2016
  • Tess Harwood - graduate of USC, RUILI-Lombok and New Colombo Plan - country manager for Growth Hacking Asia on LinkedIn
  • ASIAN LINGUISTIC MAPS DISTRIBUTION OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN LANGUAGES This incredibly detailed Linguistic Map shows just how diverse Indonesia is.
  • Moscow museum displays restored 1950s Indonesian paintings September 30, 2016 Daria Srelavina, RBTH. Use slider to view paintings before and after restoration.
  • Trade at the top of the agenda for Jokowi's first Australia visit SBS 17 OCT 2016
  • Indonesia President Joko Widodo postpones visit to Australia following anti-Ahok protests. Jewel Topsfield SMH 5 Nov 2016
  • Trust between Indonesia and Australia has been restored, says Jokowi Peter Hartcher and Jewel Topsfield 5 Nov 2016. Webpage holds a brief history in newsfilm of Australia - Indonesia relations and flashpoints
  • Indonesian President Joko Widodo postpones visit to Australia after Jakarta protests ABC News by Indonesia bureau chief Samantha Hawley 5 Nov 2016
  • Indonesian President Joko Widodo blames 'political actors' for fanning violence at mass protest in Jakarta ABC News 6 Nov 2016
  • Audio files for Let's Speak Indonesian: Ayo Berbahasa Indonesia The University of Wisconsin - freely available - excellent for honing your listening skills. Pause and replay at will. Repeat and speak aloud the phrases. Ten minutes a day on this (on the bus, at gym, wherever) will do your fluency so much good.
  • Indonesia's knowledge sector is catching up, but a large gap persists The Conversation 17 Nov 2016
  • * Albertina Banks - Sumatra eco-culture adventures [pdf] - see goals, dates, content, costs, booking.
  • UniBRIDGE INDONESIA - AUSTRALIA: MEANINGFUL PEOPLE2PEOPLE CONNECTIONS In-Country Study, Learning Languages, Experiences - UniBRIDGE by Qrezpy Pariamalinya
  • CSR Sugar owner Wilmar International linked to palm oil deforestation in Indonesia orangutan habitat by Hayden Cooper, ABC News
  • Halfworlds In the bustling streets and back alleys of Jakarta, a parallel world of bloodthirsty creatures from Indonesian mythology has lived alongside humans for generations. (In English & Indonesian) SBS On Demand Posted 17 Sept 2016 EXPIRES: 360 days left. Juragan sends his regards!"
    Not something to show in a school class but interesting to see Indonesian film/tv doing same old mythic horror stuff in modern, youthful, sexy, glib and gothic, streets-of-Jakarta - this version entirely in English.

  • From previous issues.



    ASILE 2016

    in Adelaide - the 14th ASILE Conference -
    30 September - 2 October 2016
    Flinders University, Victoria Square, Adelaide

    Title and Theme: INDOVASI menuju paradigma baru

    [Innovation in Indonesian: towards a new paradigm]

    See ASILE 2016 website. ASILE 2016 Facebook page, ASILE on Twitter, ASILE on Instagram, ASILE at INTAN news. Please contribute your ideas for presentations and papers now. New thinking about languages education, about Australia Indonesia relations, about classroom techniques, new technology results, a new generation of teachers and students, in-country programs, new opportunities and challenges.

    Relevant reading in past ISN issues for students, teachers, scholars, lobbyists, citizens.

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