From: FENTON Adam
Sent: Friday, 24 April 2009 11:55 AM
To: Richard Curtis
Subject: feedback on Level 7 and 8 Lombok study program


Dear Richard

Further to our conversation yesterday I am writing to provide some feedback regarding the Levels 7 and 8 study program at Pusat Bahasa, UNRAM Lombok which I undertook in January and February this year.

 Firstly I would like to say that I thought the lecturers, Pay Nyoman and Pak Eddy, both did an excellent job. They were also assisted at times by Pak Untung and Pak Made, who provided valuable input and structure to the course.

 The first three-week block (Level 7) was a more structured program of lessons. We were provided with reading material which would then form the basis for class discussions. I thought the lecturers did a good job of encouraging students to get involved in the discussions and even more formal debates. We were also required to interview people and do research out of class time, the results of which would then be reported back orally and in writing the following day. This unit had a mid-semester test and a final test, both with written and oral components. I thought this first three-week block of predominantly class-based activities was a good way of building up some vocabulary and confidence before moving onto level 8.

 In Level 8 students were given more freedom to conduct their own independent studies into an area of interest to them. With a background in law I chose to research and write my report on the Indonesian criminal justice system. My research involved interviewing legal professionals including judges, law lecturers, lawyers, prosecutors, courts staff, prison staff, defendants and prisoners. I was able to attend court hearings on several occasions, visit the Mataram prison, attend legal seminars at the law faculty and presentations of students’ theses. The results of this research were then compiled into a written report of approximately 2000 words which was submitted at the end of the course. Submission of the report also required that students give an oral presentation of approximately 15 minutes to the class summarising their findings. While this section of the course gave students more freedom, we were still assigned one of the lecturers as a supervisor who kept track of our progress, read drafts of the report, assisted with ideas for research and helped to arrange the necessary letters of introduction. In the first week we met the lecturers on the Monday and were then free for the rest of the week, meeting again for a couple of hours on the Friday morning. After some feedback this was adjusted so that we met the lecturers and had some limited class time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

 I thought this system worked quite well, although my suggestion for improving it would be to continue to have class contact every day, perhaps just for an hour each morning. This would ensure firstly that people didn’t slacken off and give themselves an excuse to sleep in, secondly to keep up contact with your classmates, which can be a good source of ideas and inspiration, thirdly to get your brain functioning and keep some important vocabulary fresh in your mind. This would then leave enough time to go and conduct meetings in the mid part of the morning. You could also get a different student to give an outline of their project each morning; that way the whole class would get a taste of all the different areas that were being studied and get some of the related vocabulary in different areas. In my case the vocab was all legal, whereas I could have broadened my vocab by listening to others who were studying arts for example.

 If I could offer another piece of feedback, it would be to stress the importance of students getting timely feedback from lecturers on their performance in written and oral assignments and assessments. I think the importance of this is clear as it points out to students what they did wrong and what they need to improve.

 In all, I thought the course was certainly worthwhile, and enjoyable. It is also worth noting that several interesting extra curricular activities were organised which allowed students of all levels to socialise, including dinners, cooking class, dancing class, pencak silat class etc.

 I’ve attached a copy of my written report on the Indonesian legal system for your reference. I hope this feedback helps and if there’s anything else I can do to assist please don’t hesitate to ask.

 Best regards

Adam Fenton


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