Chelsea from USC and Nathan were both selected for the 2011 Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program. Nathan had to decline because he was accepted into Australian Airforce Intelligence and had to start training but Chelsea went to South Sulawesi and had the time of her life.

She's now finished a Masters degree in International Development in Melbourne and in June 2012 has been appointed East Timor director with the Oaktree Foundation, an aid organisation initiated and staffed entirely by young people under 30 years of age.

29 September 2012
Hi Phil!

Iya silakan gunakan namaku untuk promosi ini!

Here's an update too that you can use if you would like:

I have just returned from a two week work trip to Timor-Leste; a trip which one again reinforced language abilities as an invaluable asset! During the trip when a Tetun translator was unavailable I conducted meetings in Indonesian and made connections with important contacts that moved beyond the barriers of language.
The two weeks ran smoothly and our team saw incredible results both in meeting with existing partners and scoping out new development projects to support. A large part of that success I owe to my language abilities without which our team would have faced many logistical and relational obstacles.
Even now after returning I am inspired to maintain and improve my language because it will be absolutely key to building and maintaining good working relationships with our partners in Timor.

Hope you're doing well Phil! Keeping fighting the good language fight! You are inspiring!




See interview with Chelsea about the Lombok program June 2010