Some extra tips for Indonesia travellers


The dress code in Indonesia is generally conservative. Bring lightweight cotton clothes, to cover knees, shoulders and mid riffs. For women, shirts or loose fitting t-shirts are fine – but not low cut. Three quarter shorts are fine too.

At universities it's more formal. So collared shirts all round. Footwear should be closed shoes or sandals with strap around the heel and definitely no thongs. Men should wear long pants and collared shirts.

Bring: (less is best, then you can bring more home)

See Lonely Planet Indonesia section on what to bring

Also ‘Hints for Australian Travellers' – hint checklist on smart traveller website:

PS. Don't let the travel warnings scare you too much

See information pack on ACICIS website for dress and social and cultural immersion tips.

  • Don't be offended if people tell you that you're fat – you probably are compared to most Indonesians – they certainly don't intend to offend. They do like to laugh – so if in doubt laugh or at least smile.

    From Inez Mahony, student and tutor at USC, who spent six months "all alone" in East Java in 2002.