Caroline reckons [in January - February 2010]

The benefits of learningIndonesian in Lombok were

  • you get to use it and practise every day
  • taught by native speakers
  • in the native speaker environment so you can go out of class and practise
  • living in a dominantly Muslim area, it's a challenge and then a relief and then empowering to realize people are just people [always amusing for taxi drivers to squabble over who was to take me to campus and then the ojek boys offered to take me on their motorbikes]
  • it's a huge confidence boost
  • it's the first step of many steps - an appetiser - you've taken the step of engaging with the culture and the language and it shows you the doors that might open
  • it's an opportunity to make life long friendships with Indonesians and fellow Australians
  • it lets you know about ACICIS and that Consortium's one or two semester possibilities (David Reeve visited and gave an impromptu information session) and as Lombok grows I'm sure more and more students will use it as a springboard for ACICIS programs.

Other student views and reviews

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