This email is from a beginner student in 2010, a young French man called Clement who has given me permission to share this email about his experiences in Lombok in January - february 2011. Start saving for your airfare!.  


from          Clément R
to              Phillip Mahnken
date          Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 5:10 PM
subject      Re : How about sending a bit of Lombok news?

Salam Pak Phil!  Bagaimana kabarnya ?

The experience in Lombok so far is exquisite, the most interesting and rewarding experience I have ever been part of. The University staff is very pro and kind, we learn a lot. Maya, Jaris and I live in a kos sama Ibu Rini [boarding house with Mrs Rini]. There are a lot of children there so we get to practice Bahasa a lot, sing Indonesian songs (seperti 'cinta satu malam', haha Maya hates it). Funny story, on our way to Lembar, on the ferry, there was this singer entertaining us. As Maya, Jaris and I were the only orang bule and we were kind of swinging with the songs, she invited us on the scene to sing and dance with her. So Jaris and I went and that was crazy. We danced on Cinta satu malam, and all the Indonesians were photographing us with a big smile of their face. We felt like super stars (Maya recorded everything...). Indonesians know how to welcome you!

I found myself surprised by how kind and warm the people are, and all the shouts "orang bule" when we go for a jalan-jalan. So we reply "ya, suka orang bule?" [Do you like whities?] And then, we all laugh. We had the opportunity to attend a very traditional Sasak wedding in a small desa, namanya sesaot [village called sesaot]. I do have pictures, but it is hard to find a good internet connection around here so still nothing up on Facebook. Nanti ya, saya akan usahakan [I'll do my best].


  3 guru dgn random French guy

See some of Clement's photos of Lombok sent in March 2011.

I'm off to Bali every weekend, not for the party club thing but because I've met great Indonesian friends, we live in this small Hindu cottage, it's very peaceful. It's also good to learn some Jakarta slang as they are all from Jakarta or Bandung. I must say I love Indonesia so much, I plan on coming back as soon as possible, There's probably a way to study through the Indo Embassy in Paris, I'll do anything to come back to Indonesia. Do you know anything about such programs for those who are willing to study ? I might have found an awesome place of interest. L'Indonesie n'en a pas fini avec moi ! [I'm not done with this place!]

Jaris dan Maya baik, tapi semuanya udah sakit. Udah sembuh. Dan kita senang Pak Untung mengajar di UNRAM juga. Apa lagi...sampai sekarang, ini pengalaman yang menarik. Phil di mana skrg, pulang ke Tassie ?

Sampai ketemu lagi,


EMAIL2 Wed, Feb 23, 2011

Bonjour Phil !

Comment vas-tu ? Comment se passent tes vacances ?

The Lombok program is already finished, it was such a wonderful and interesting experience, I can only recommend it. There is so much to gain, just humanly speaking first.[...]. I am still in Indonesia until the end of February. I shall send you heaps of pictures from the program (teachers, excursions, celebrations dan lain-lain) when I get back to France, the connection will be faster, it'll be easier for me.

A bientôt,



See some of Clement's photos of Lombok sent in March 2011.

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