Des (teacher): Our stay in Lombok, you ask. I just fell in love with Indonesia all over again and my wife thought it was all the best of Korea but warm and without nagging parents. How could you not? Fresh coconut every afternoon, Sate on Senggigi beach at sunset and soft moonlit nights in the swimming pool.

Chatting with drivers on trips to and from the campus were my follow-up to daily lessons. My hitting the books was ‘hitting’ the people – genuine hospitality was everywhere. Every theme we did in class, I'd practise ten times with whomever I bumped into – everyone ready to share their stories of their lives.

I cannot speak highly enough of our instructors, our ‘dosen’: warm, enthusiastic, diligent, dedicated, open, charming … just lovely. Even welcoming my young lad in class one day – who while being overwhelmed at times was greatly encouraged by so many kind people to illustrate our story-book about our trip.

Being in-country the language is no longer something academic, it has its own splendid life not just a dry and dusty system.

As old Goethe used to say: "Seek wisdom not from the tree of knowledge, its grey and dull, but the tree of life, its green and golden." While Indonesia has its jungles, North Lombok certainly has more than its fair share of verdant forests.