Collage of Australian students attending Lombok intensive Indonesian language program

Students' views and reviews, thoughts and reports, photos and other Lombok web sources

Reflections on the 2014 Lombok Program...thank you RUILI April 2015 [pdf] by Janelle Falconer, currently in ACICIS program, Malang.

Troppo with Nicco Polyglot pensioner Nick Clarke describes and shows his impressions of Lombok - see him on Facebook.

Des (teacher, Feb 2013): I just fell in love with Indonesia all over again. Fresh coconut every afternoon, sate on Senggigi beach at sunset. ... Chatting with drivers on trips to and from the campus were my follow-up to daily lessons. My hitting the books was 'hitting' the people - genuine hospitality was everywhere. [...] I cannot speak highly enough of our instructors, our 'dosen'. READ MORE .

A huge thank you for the opportunity which you have provided us in the Lombok programme. As far as my language development in Indonesian is concerned this has been singularly the greatest experience that I've had and if I get the opportunity to do it again I will positively JUMP at it! Lisa, Sunshine Coast teacher, January 2013


Hannah Allcock - Indo n me -
experiences in Kalimantan,
Lombok, Komodo and Aceh
January - February 2013.

Megan Gibbes
grasping the Indonesian future
with both hands -
in Lombok and with AIYEP

Listen to a very frank interview with Gavin Smerdon (mp3), a mature age student who went with his wife to Lombok, arrived exhausted and ripped off. Got to know locals and their lives; amazing waterfall visit in north; the reality of poverty; spread of English because of tourism; Gavin's own attitudes; riding motor bikes in 'chaotic traffic'; foreigness and cultural gap - "it's not as different as you think"; exceptional lecturers at Universitas Mataram; clean modern hospital. 14 minutes. Open Gavin's images in new window as you listen to his report.

Read Norman's article about the 2012 Lombok program and Kevin Rudd published in the Hobart Mercury 15 Feb 2012.

Taste of Lombok life Jim Rourke in Wingham Chronicle 21 Feb 2012.

See Jim Rourke also in Cultural experience 20 March: "Jim Rourke’s passion for Indonesian culture recently increased after a trip to experience the language as part of a university language scholarship. Jim travelled to Lombok for a three week intensive language course run by the University of Mataram in conjunction with the University of New England, where he is studying by correspondence."

2012 Lombok & me by Karen C 2 April 2012

Jenna 2011

Clement 2011 .. an awesome place of interest, I can only recommend it ... how kind and warm the people are.

Kiah 2011 Wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Tips, trials and tribulations from Dee 2010 [MS Word]

The Lombok 2011 wikispaces site

** Chelsea - vivid and penetrating descriptions of her 2010 experience in Lombok: "It was amazing. By the end of the 6 weeks you had people who didn't know a word beforehand, really passionate about it [the language] and using it as much as they possibly could with the locals." NEW 2012 See update on Chelsea's career 29 Sept. 2012

PhD candidate Anna Dall's photos especially of school visits

Caroline - the benefits of in-country study 2010

Lombok In-Country 2010 Group Facebook Page

Lombok In-Country 2009 Group Facebook Page

Instructor Arum Maniez 2009 photos on Facebook

Adam Fenton, Fisheries Officer, Darwin, 24 April 2009 Report on Level 7 and 8 and essay on HUKUM_PIDANA_DAN_SISTEM_PERADILAN_DI_INDONESIA3.doc [MS Word]

Tony Young, Darwin lawyer and language learner, writes about Islam and amphetamines – change on the island of Lombok by Tony Young (MS Word or HTML), lucid, insightful, sobering observations of Lombok society and the law (with accompanying images.)

Isaac photos and presentation 2008

Peter Jordan thoughts (Feb. 2007)
Karen Wicking report (2007)
Rechelle Marshall's Lombok tour led to six months in Yogya (posted March 2007)

Lex's Photos  
Natasha's Photos  
Leah's photos   
Marg's photos 2006   
Marion and Rechelle


"Deirdre's durian" "Durian or nail fruit: tastes like heaven, smells like hell!"

Lombok is an interesting place with a proud's Taman Budaya is active with creative artists and writers and musicians both modern and traditional...autonomy is bringing empowerment to the region...the course at UNRAM is engaqing and fun... I'm really glad I did it and went there...the beaches are good too...  Deirdre O'Sullivan  3 April 2009 see her Facebook photos among 264 photos on the "Lombok In-Country 2009" Facebook group site


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Jim Rourke Feb 2012: “At sunset I would go onto the roof of the house where I was living, and listen to the beautiful sound of the muezzins’ calls,” Jim said. Jim commented on how friendly the locals were. “It was fantastic to learn what friendly, warm-hearted people they were. Just walking down the street people would ask you to sit down and chat with them,” he said. A highlight was visiting a magnificent waterfall at the base of Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s second largest peak and an active volcano. Jim lived with the family of the deputy governor of Lombok, along with another Australian couple.

I had a fantastic time on the course. learnt heaps, heaps of new knowledge, plenty of challenges... Jemma and I are back in Bali for 2 weeks and having a nice relaxing time! OUr indonesian skills are great for bartering... havent felt any animosity due to the Danish Muslim cartoons etc. Alice Feb 2006

"I thought the program was extremely enjoyable, worthwhile and effective. It has definitely improved my Indonesian language skills and I even picked up some useful Sasak phrases while i was at it. The looks on the locals' faces were priceless!" Peter Jordan, Feb. 2007

The course at UNRAM is engaging and fun... I'm really glad I did it and went there...the beaches are good too...  Deirdre O'Sullivan  3 April 09

"The time on Lombok was just a fantastic experience. It's hard to sort out the highlights" GregB. Feb 2006 (who now teaches in Jakarta)

"The program was extremely enjoyable, worthwhile and effective. It has definitely improved my Indonesian language skills!" Peter Jordan, Feb. 2007

Street map of Mataram-Cakra-Ampenan

Diagram map of Lombok courtesy of Hotel Airlangga

Informasi lengkap tentang Lombok dan Gilis

These were host families in 2007. Lovely people and good friends to the Australian program.
Adrian from Darwin and Phil from Sunshine Coast at the back

with Herman, Taslim, Mulat and Nuri - all UNRAM lecturers.

Multicultural Lombok 2006 by Phil Mahnken

Study at Pusat Bahasa, UNRAM, by Bert Berghuis    
Travel tips from Inez    
Map of Lombok  
Map 2   Letter from a Lombok girl  
Melbourne Uni Research Project   
Indonesia photos  
Tales of Asia - Lombok (Backpacker type tips)

Sasak Women Negotiating Marriage, Polygyny and Divorce in rural East Lombok   by Jocelyn Grace August 2004
Associate Professor Tamrin Tomagola's lecture for the Indonesia Forum of Melbourne University 18 Oct 2007 on Ethnic Harmony in Lombok? available as audio

The Great Outdoors Lombok page


Laura Monaghan who studied in the Lombok program in 2006.

Arts graduate is 2009 Young Citizen of the Year
USC graduate Laura Monaghan, 24, won the Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s Young Citizen of the Year award for 2009. Laura studied in the Lombok program in 2006.




Natasha K in 2006

"Mana helmnya? Awas, nanti kena denda!"


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