Phil's online photo collections

Scott Mathews Bali photos 2002

Phil Mahnken Jakarta, Solo, Makasar, Manado 2002

Noriko's photos 2003-4 Bali and Yogya

Elizabeth Henzell Padang1998

Phil Mahnken 1993 visit to Bali, Solo,Yogya, dll

Phil's slides (various places) scanned by Kodak

James Dickinson Solo site student in Solo

Peter Jacobson Timor 2000 agricultural aid worker

Trent Scott Timor 2000 Military service in EastTimor

Pam Hardy's Online Bali Art Brisbane artist's tribute to Bali art

Lex Barber Lombok photos January - April 2005

For USC students
Kerja dan karir

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Bree Sonter Lombok Jan- Feb 2005

Leah Potter Lombok Jan- Feb 2005

Margaret Norris Lombok Jan 2006

Jimei 2006