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  • An electronic journal 
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  • The home of Wacana 
  • Issue One Flinders University, Adelaide, 1994
  • Issue Two Monash, Melbourne
  • Issue Three  KONGRES BIPA '95
  • Issue Four UNSW 1996
  • Issue Five ANU 1999 
  • Issue Six Melbourne University, July 2001
    [also Report on KIPBIPA IV in Bali 2001 by Leonie Wittman, NSW Department of Education and Training ]
  • Issue Seven  Flinders University, Adelaide, 2003
  • Issue 8 - Perth 2005 - to be available on CD. Conference Archive.
  • Issue 9 University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland 5 - 8 July 2007 
  • Issue 10 - ASILE 10 14-15 July 2009 Sydney see pre-conference website
  • Issue 11 - ASILE 11 14-15 July 2010 Canberra
  • Issue 12 - ASILE 12 14-15 July 2012 Salatiga also ASILE 2012 Facebook page
  • Issue 13 - ASILE 13 14-15 July 2014 IALF, Denpasar, Bali
  • Wacana
    is the journal of the
    Australian Society of Indonesian language Educators (ASILE)

    ASILE began its existence at a conference in Adelaide on Anzac weekend 1994. The coming together of Indonesian language educators from all levels was based on a concept put forward by Firda, lecturer at Flinders University. It was proposed that a new peak professional body be formed which should further the interests and report on the research and practice of Indonesian language teachers from early childhood through to tertiary level.

    This was followed by a second conference at Monash in July 1995 organised by Barbara Hatley and Harry Aveling. At the Monash event, it was resolved to constitute the new association with the name of Australian Society for Indonesian Language Educators (ASILE). A committee was elected, comprising two members of the formative group at Flinders University, the two convenors of the Monash conference and two representatives of the Sydney group which hosted the third conference in 1996. In 2003, ASILE returned to its birthplace, Adelaide.


    Phillip Mahnken reported on his bid to secure funding assistance for the creation of an electronic journal to serve as the official communication instrument of this new society. This proposal received full support from the plenary session. It should be noted that other publications continue to meet the needs of Indonesian language teachers, such the Indonesian Studies Bulletin (conducted by a special interest group of the Asian Studies Association of Australia and then edited by Stuart Robson at Monash; later it was edited by Virginia Hooker at ANU and in 1999 has come under the loving care of Harry Aveling at Latrobe U. and Phil Mahnken, now at the University of the Sunshine Coast. The Indonesian Studies Newsletter is domiciled on the same server as this e-journal at http://your.usc.edu.au/wacana/isn.html). The print magazine Pelangi, edited by Leslie Harbon at the University of Tasmania was an excellent resource which had been predominantly directed to the needs and interests of school teachers. Now sadly defunct. Although Pelangi provided directly usable materials and ideas, although readers of the Newsletter derive much of use for culture studies, neither of these has actually concentrated on discussion of teaching and learning. Teaching the Indonesian language to Australian students is the core concern of ASILE.

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    Articles may be in English or Indonesian language, no word limit is imposed although 2000-3000 words is considered a sensible average. A style guide is available. We encourage users to explore the new possibilities offered by multimedia computing and, where appropriate, to use hyperlinking and 'virtual quotation' (eg a QuickTime film of classroom interaction or graphics of classroom set-ups, groups at work, teaching/learning materials or student work. If you are uncertain as to how to organise these things, ask your local computer support people, look at our advice and the links in 'More.than.text', or contact us. But do not be put off, good reports of research, practice or thinking e.g. on policy or language learning theory are always welcome.

     A number of prominent scholars in the field of Indonesian language teaching have been invited to act as referees and editors. They represent the best of Australian and international scholarship in Indonesian language and will have the duty to help develop the goals, standards and style of WACANA. The names and contact details of the founding group can be found via this link.

     This new electronic journal is to be known as WACANA, which is now an Indonesian linguistic term denoting 'discourse'. It is compiled and maintained by Phillip Mahnken, Indonesian Language Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts, University of the Sunshine Coast.

    Issue 1 of WACANA is dedicated to papers from the first conference of 1994. It was constructed during August and September of 1995.

    Issue 2 reports on the 1996 Conference at Monash University

    Issue 3 presents papers from the third assembly in Sydney in April 1997

    Issue 4 presents papers from the third assembly in Brisbane in May 1998 organised by Tony Pollard cs.

    Issue 5 selects papers from the Canberra Conference of 1999

    Issue 6 - proceedings of the Melbourne Conference of 2001

    Issue 7 - proceedings of the Adelaide Conference of July 2003

    Issue 8 - proceedings of the Perth Conference of 2005 wil be available on CD. Archive of the Conference website.

    Issue 9. Proceedings of ASILE 2007 at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland 5 - 8 July 2007

    ASILE 10 14-15 July 2009 Sydney see pre-conference website

    ASILE 11 14-15 July 2010 Canberra

    ASILE 12 14-15 July 2012 Salatiga

    ASILE 13 14-15 July 2014 IALF, Denpasar, Bali

    You are also welcome to send feedback and suggestions and requests. The more we know of what Australian teachers of Indonesian want and need, the better we can address those needs. We welcome offers of articles or reports and letters to the editors.

    Phillip Mahnken
    Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    University of the Sunshine Coast
    Maroochydore dc
    Queensland 4560
    Tel: 07 5430 1254
    Fax: 07 5430 2448

    Email: pmahnken@usc.edu.au

    Lombok In-Country Program website: http://your.usc.edu.au/wacana/lombok/